Moneta 2017

Adapt. Evolve. Conquer.

Adapt to change, Evolve to survive & Conquer to win
at one of
India's largest financial festival

20th - 23rd December, 2017

About Us

'Moneta' is a national level financial-markets festival which aims at development of the financial knowledge of aspiring students. It is the first such event by any under-graduate college in India. Moneta encompasses the entire spectrum of financial markets by hosting various enriching competitions, informative seminars and interactive workshops.

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Adapt. Evolve. Conquer.

A start-up isn’t just a rags-to-riches story. It isn’t simply selling out for a large amount and living comfortably ever after. Neither are they always in the forefront and the center of public attention, nor is it a rosy picture of success blooming unrestrained.

Start-ups are driven by people who really believe in what they do. Startups make value, not just money. A lot of them do not become household names but keep affecting the way people go about their day. And behind a startup is a story of hard work, effort and a huge stomach for failure.

We want to showcase this culture that is visionary enough to look far ahead but humble enough to not lose sight of ground, that keeps its eyes on success but is not thwarted by failure and finally, a culture that cannot be condensed into so few words with reasonable justice.

So this year at Moneta, float your own business, incorporate your company,
increase your profits and examine, appreciate and be inspired by innovation!